Solid Catalyst Technology

Solid Catalyst Technology

The Process of Transesterification Through Solid Catalyst Technology

SRS’ Solid Catalyst Transesterification Process efficiently converts feedstocks to Biodiesel with 99.8% yields or higher with no acids, sodium/potassium methylate or sulfuric acid required.

A 2 stage process involves the use of enzymes based solid catalyst that is capable of completing transesterification and converts 99.9% of triglycerides.

Using SRS’ Biodiesel conversion processer gives you the ability to:

  • Feedstock flexibility allowing producers to shift between feedstocks based on market demand without hindering production.
  • Allows producer to mix high FFA feedstocks with lower FFA feedstocks
  • Produce ASTM/EN grade biodiesel from of various feedstock blends

Full Conversion into Biodiesel:

  • Achieves 100% conversion of mono, di, and tri-glycerides
  • Conversion is completed in a 2 stage process

High Quality Biodiesel:

  • The ability to create Biodiesel that exceeds EU & ASTM/EN Standards
  • Biodiesel with less viscosity and a higher cetane number
  • Biodiesel that offers more power and less pollution

High Quality Glycerin:

  • Makes industrial grade glycerin ranging from 90% pure depending on the feedstock

Reduced Energy Consumption:

  • Estimated cost to run reactor is less than one penny for each gallon of Biodiesel produced



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