Truck/Rail Load/Unload Blending System

Truck/Rail Load/Unload Blending System

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) demanding renewable fuel standards (i.e., RFS2) require stringent fluid handling and measurement accuracy – the kind of accuracy Smith Meter equipment is known for. Your terminal operation demands properly designed and fitted skid-mounted equipment to maximize your return-on-investment.
SRS’s fuels blending module delivers the latest in technology and accuracy.  We utilize on the best petroleum grade products ranging from Emerson Coriolis process Flow meters with temperature compensation to Emerson Fischer type modulating valves for precise fuel flow/pressure control. 

A convenient, turnkey solution, complete with state-of-the-art metering technology supported with a comprehensive load rack product portfolio.

Our skids integrate into existing blending-capable presets, such as the common Accuload type control system or a touchscreen operation with easy operator controls and graphical color displays.  Each control system, regardless of type have blending presets/recipes that can be quickly reconfigured on-site whether it is straight product loading, side stream or ratio blend loading, resulting in highly accurate blends.

SRS’s business is to insure proper custody transfer measurement and flow controls are met. Our expertise in custody transfer measurement, automation and control combined with our knowledge of loading rack conditions regardless of whether it is trucks or rail, make us the choice for designing and building blending systems.

  • A skid footprint is suitable for new or retrofit upgrade installation
  • Pre-packaged skids that will support up to eight blend streams
  • Standard blend rates range from 2% to 50% at a loading rate of 660 GPM
  • Standard skids accommodate a variety of blending techniques whether it is upstream (sidestream) or downstream (ratio).

Ratio blending is used where the biofuel stream is mixed with the main product stream “downstream” of the main product meter. One electronic controller device manages all flow streams. With this blending method, the biofuel stream is considered part of the custody transfer metering. The main advantage for Ratio Blending is that all final components are individually and accurately measured, thus enabling correct inventory reconciliation. This method provides the most accurate final custody transfer volume information.

Side stream blending is when the blending is performed “upstream” of the primary feed stream delivery meter, which will measure the combined blend. The total volumes of each product are totalized by subtracting the secondary component total from the final delivered total. The secondary stream has a higher operating pressure in order to overcome the main product pressure in order to properly feed into the line and because of this, it assists in rapid blending the product.




  • Improved blending accuracy
  • Lower investment cost
  • Less environmental impact

The process is easier to operate than the chemical process. There is little need for adjustments when the properties of the oil change. This process is a very stable process and easier to operate than any other processes.

Key Benefits

  • Developed to increase accuracy and rapid blending
  • Compatible with any refining process
  • Low energy consumption
  • Cost reduction from typical load/unloading systems
  • Capacities from 10,000 gal/day to 300k gal/day
  • Instant process – no retention time

Chemical Blending Capability

SRS International has  developed the blending/mixing system which allow truck/rail loading to occur in a small compact system.

Simultaneous Metered Blending Advantages

Simultaneous Metered Blending combines the high volume production capacity of the blending system. It adapts the flow measuring techniques.

The system is designed to simultaneously measure liquids with a flow meter and moves these known quantities, in the correct ratio, through a static mixing/blending system.

  • Mass flow measurement
  • Efficient for any blend size
  • Accuracy not limited to batch
  • Short set-up time
  • Simultaneous product loading speed blends
  • Can be operated and controlled by PLC


  • Loading or unloading applications
  • Top or bottom loading
  • Truck, railcars, marine skids
  • SafeRack can provide on site meter proving and installation
  • Metering skids
  • Typical Smith Meter™, Daniels™, Brooks™, Liquid Controls™ or other specified brand names
  • Single stream or inline blending
  • Load computers with card readers, printers and software capabilities
  • Overfill and grounding that tie into skid
  • RIN specifications

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