Modular Pipe Racks, Bridges, and Trusses

Modular Pipe Racks, Bridges, and Trusses

Modular Pipe Racks, Bridges, and Trusses

Taking a modular approach to process pipe systems has proven very popular. In the last two years, we have logged over 100,000 labor hours welding and assembling packaged or modular pipe systems.

Our capability to develop these solutions is built upon:

  1. Our expertise that goes with being professional engineers licensed in several states,
  2. Our ability to understand all challenges of a project, and
  3. Our experience designing, building and installing systems for 28 years across many industries.

Our experience enables us to see the entire project before it is built. This vision reduces risk, eliminates mistakes and maximizes the value of your construction dollars. Put the vision we bring to our solutions to work for you.

A Modular Pipe Rack Lowers Your Cost

A modular approach lowers cost:

  • Modular designs compatible with shop production reduce field labor. Less field labor requirements reduce the risk of job site labor shortages and labor cost escalation.
  • System designs based upon thoughtful comparison of constructability issues against cost constraints. For example: comparison of foundation requirements against truss size to achieve the most economical cost.
  • Most or all pipe fitting is completed in a controlled shop environment lowering overall cost.
  • Faster shop weld times versus field welding means lower cost per weld.
  • Coatings, heat trace, insulation and instrumentation when performed in a shop environment lowers cost
  • Minimizes risk that the project will not be completed on time.

A Modular Pipe Rack Improves Quality and Streamlines Installation

A modular approach reduces your construction footprint:

  • Fewer on-site welders, iron workers and laborers
    • More control over site labor
    • Less chance of on-site accidents
    • Minimal or no site welding by using flanged connections
  • Faster installation regardless if we install or owner installs
  • Less impact on production


Weld quality is typically superior in a shop environment than in a field environment

  • Shop quality control including inspection process is superior to field environment
  • Minimal exposure of construction process to weather.

Modular Loading Rack Piping in Our Shop

Our modular pipe systems are a perfect fit in today’s market for above-ground multiple pipeline racks, trusses or bridges. We have the expertise in all the areas required to provide a turnkey solution – from design and fabrication to installation. Our modular pipe racks and bridges are better built, cost less and install more quickly.

The advantages of our modular systems make traditional construction methods obsolete.

Loading Rack Module Ready to Ship

Loading racks provide a wonderful opportunity to apply our modular pipe system capabilities. While the structural steel portion of loading racks is typically built in modules, we can offer a design which includes all pipe pre-installed and ready for tie-in. We can also offer insulation & heat trace pre-installed. The advantages of building loading racks in modular units with pipe pre-installed are:

  • lower cost
  • better quality
  • faster and safer installation

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