Profitable Glycerin

Profitable Glycerin

With the rise in renewable fuel production over the years, particularly biodiesel, comes an overabundance of off-grade glycerin.  This type of glycerin, also referred to as “crude glycerin” is a byproduct of biodiesel and is about 80% pure.  It accounts for one-tenth of every gallon of biodiesel produced.  While the demand for glycerin in general has remained stable, the oversupply within the global market has created volatile pricing throughout the industry.  The abundant supply of crude glycerin is a direct result of the increase in biodiesel production and without refinement, this impure form of glycerin must either be disposed of in a certain amount of time, according to the EPA, or it is sold off to market for a minimal amount due to the water, methanol, and salt content.

The current price volatility of glycerin, primarily brought on by biodiesel production, has resulted in tremendous changes in the glycerin refining sector.  The demand for refined glycerin, technical grade and higher, has risen and is starting to stabilize.  It is for this reason that we at SRS International have focused much of our attention on glycerin refinement, helping biodiesel plants turn a stronger profit with their finished glycerin, thus avoiding high disposal fees or minimal returns from their crude glycerin.  By further refining the glycerin to a >97% purity range, plants can now sell off their glycerin for a much higher return and create a new profit center for their plant.

Disposing of crude glycerin can not only be costly but wasteful.  Why not utilize all of your glycerin and turn a profit rather than paying high disposal fees or accept minimal payment for it?    Incorporating SRS’ high-purity glycerin purification system into your plant, can do just that.  Because the system produces high-purity glycerin in high yield, there is no need for disposal of your glycerin since it now meets technical grade glycerin standards and can be sold to market for a higher profit.  The system will actually take your crude glycerin with an approximate purity rating of 80% to a technical grade glycerin of >97%.

Technical grade glycerin provides multiple advantages to the biodiesel plant owner by:

  • Eliminating the high cost of hazardous waste disposal or if selling the glycerin, increasing the value of the end product (now a technical grade rather than crude)
  • Freeing the plant owner of potential EPA issues
  • Creating a new profit center for the plant

The Following are trial runs done by SRS International for Glycerin Purification

….these are REAL PHOTOS of technical grade glycerin produced. 

With the domestic crude glycerin market reaching its saturation point and the prices of crude glycerin currently at an all time low, glycerin purification will no longer be an option for biodiesel plants but rather more of a business necessity.  Further purification and refinement of crude glycerin, increases it’s market value thus making it more appealing to potential buyers. Unlike many of our competitor’s biodiesel process equipment, SRS’ glycerin refining system will produce technical grade glycerin (>97% purity) as opposed to the average in the biodiesel industry which ranges between an 80 and 90% purity range.

SRS International Corporation is dedicated to creating extremely efficient and highly profitable biodiesel plants.   We show our customers how to generate profits by refining their glycerin on site rather than selling crude glycerin on the open market.

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