Instrumentation Engineering

Instrumentation Engineering

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SRS’ philosophy is to aim for a fully automated system requiring minimal human intervention thus increasing our customer’s bottom line. Our engineers continually strive to exploit technology to make that happen. With decades of experience in programming and automation, SRS is the industry leader in instrumentation and PLC technology.


    PLC Systems


  • Logic Development
  • System Programming and Configuration
  • System Engineering
  • Display Configuration
  • Historical Data, trends, management reports, logging reports
  • HMI and SCADA workstation configurations, programming and integration
  • Data Communication Networks: Field wire tracing, device tag identification, reverse engineering 
  • Plant documentation (P&ID, I/O wiring, electrical schematics, etc.)

Control Panel

  • Level indicators for hoppers/bunkers
  • Weight scales
  • Control System hardware component specifications
  • Systems reverse engineering
  • Process logic description

Documentation & Manuals – SRS’s documentation meets and exceeds the most austere requirements. Our comprehensive documentations have surpassed the expectations of the US Government and several Fortune 500 companies. The manuals are thorough and composed with the assumption of total lack of user knowledge.


Documentations include but not limited to:


  • As-built approved drawings
  • Brief description of vendor drawings
  • Operation philosophy
  • System description
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Circuit diagrams
  • Test and Inspection
  • Recovery procedure in the event of failure
  • Troubleshooting guide
  • System start-up data
  • Major component configuration guide
  • Graphics generation guide
  • Programming manual
  • Preparation of instrument list from P&I diagrams & detailed specifications of various instruments
  • Preparation of instrument hook-up drawings
  • Preparation of detailed BOM for field work like pipes, fittings, tubes, cables
  • Preparation of interconnection Loop diagrams between field and control room instruments/systems
  • Preparation of cable schedule for interconnection between various cabinets and field instruments
  • Design of shut down and interlock systems, based on details furnished by the process engineers
  • Duct & cable tray routing
  • I/O list from P & ID
  • Instrument schedule list
  • Instrument index
  • Instrument data sheet
  • Instrument hook-up drawings
  • Cable/JB Schedule
  • Instrument loop diagram
  • Preparation of interconnection loop diagrams between field and control room


SRS Engineering Services Include:


CAD Services

Electrical Engineering

Piping Engineering

Structural Engineering


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