Our Services

Our Services

SRS is committed to customer satisfaction. Our service offerings range from taking total control and handling programming changes of your biodiesel facility via Ethernet connection, to providing onsite support as needed.  Our customer support goes way beyond over-the-phone or on-site troubleshooting.   In fact, by remotely connecting to our customers equipment, we can save them valuable time and money and minimize further equipment downtime. This new technology enables SRS to provide immediate assistance with troubleshooting and potential programming changes that the customer may need, while also giving us the opportunity to conduct a complete routine onsite maintenance and efficiency diagnosis on the spot.

In addition to providing immediate support, the Ethernet connection also enables SRS to add additional operator-friendly features that the customer may have thought about after the fact.   This feature not only eliminates the cost normally associated with an on-site representative or technician, it also substantially reduces any system downtime.

SRS’ skilled technical support team will provide our customers with any level of service they need and will tailor both the equipment and service offerings to meet the individual needs of our customers.

As a comprehensive biodiesel technology partner, we provide expert services to complement our process and equipment solution offerings. We can engineer and coordinate the construction of state-of-the-art, turnkey refineries and production plants from the ground up, provide in-depth process simulations, and also optimize existing processes for best possible efficiency and profitability. In addition, we offer used restaurant oil collection and processing services that enhance feedstock availability and quality to produce exceptional biodiesel fuel.

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