Existing Biodiesel Plants

Existing Biodiesel Plants

SRS International offers consulting services, revamping, and expansion services to challenged and incomplete biodiesel plants.

What is the current health condition of your Biodiesel production plant?

SRS Biodiesel engineers can help you determine your current plant’s problems and make appropriate recommendations to get your plant up and running at its peek performance.  SRS doesn’t just handle new up and coming biodiesel refineries, in fact, many of our clients come to SRS as a result of their dissatisfaction with their existing biodiesel technology. SRS’ trained team of biodiesel professionals provide a high level of expertise to assist challenged biodiesel plants to become functioning and profitable once again.

Is your biodiesel plant….?

  • Inactive due to being incomplete or lacking other essential equipments
  • Sluggish and does not meet expected process rates
  • Not Economical with excessive consumable material consumption or lacking sufficient recycling components
  • Limited to a particular feedstock and not able to use high FFA feedstock
  • Lacking in Quality and not meeting specifications
  • Labor intensive due to lack of automation
  • Lacking in Proper Operations or Maintenance Training


SRS provides the remedy for your challenged plant by:

  • Adding a methanol recovery column to the waste glycerin stream
  • Addressing your unwashed biodiesel stream with a  methanol recovery system
  • Addressing the new ASTM Cold Soak requirements with biodiesel distillation
  • Blending or adding high FFA feedstocks to make your plant multi-feedstock capable
  • Upgrading your plant to meet BQ-9000 standards
  • Upgrading your reaction process technology to decrease energy consumption and increase reaction time and FFA containing feedstock capabilities
  • Implementing a higher level of plant automation
  • Reassessing your existing tank farm by adding or modifying tanks
  • Removing centrifuges and replacing with coalescer type separation systems which have no energy requirements
  • Upgrading your existing biodiesel washing system
  • Creating additional revenue sources by creating technical grade glycerin with a glycerin purification system
  • Adding necessary equipment for degumming/dewaxing virgin feedstock to increase profit margin
  • Helping you restructure your  business plan





New Equipment Start Up Service

From expert advice and support to full installation assistance, we’re there to make sure your equipment is properly up and running. Our SRS service representatives ensure that your industrial equipment is properly installed in accordance with factory specifications, and provide standard documentation for regulatory agency compliance. They perform and complete the equipment check-out and start-up before turning it over to the facility. Start-up certification, calibration, installation qualification, and operational qualifications (IQ/QI) are also available upon request through our service team.

We Educate You – “Train the Trainer”

Designed to enhance your maintenance department’s ability to be a first responder, SRS’s comprehensive education/training programs are identical to those given to our own service technicians, and are designed to complement the support provided by our Preventive Maintenance Plans. SRS’s creative partnership approach to training/education allows your in-house service technicians to team with our factory-trained field force, resulting in a better understanding of SRS equipment and increased efficiency in servicing your equipment. We can provide training at our Service Training Center in Murrieta, CA or at your facility.

Consultative Services

An option with the purchase of your equipment, a SRS Representative will visit your site to review equipment installation and service requirements with the designated installation team. The installation review will include a discussion of the installation requirements in accordance with factory drawings and literature.

Throughout the installation, SRS will provide expert counsel involving multiple pieces of waste minimization & solvent equipment. This includes:

  • A pre-installation site evaluation to review equipment requirements
  • Mid-installation site inspection
  • Technical phone support
  • A post-installation site evaluation conference
  • Post Installation Support

SRS Consultative Services provide clearly defined equipment start-up certification for completion requirements. Our expert advice is provided at three key intervals with written certification of compliance to OEM installation requirements. This documentation certifies that the equipment is ready to be turned over for operation.

PM Parts Packages

PMP Packages provide parts and part-rebuild kits that are used during routine preventative maintenance (PM) inspections in order to accommodate multiple PM events throughout the year. PMP Packages offer you cost savings compared to purchasing the same parts individually and also offer improved inventory control.

Our team of biodiesel professionals can handle any of your biodiesel production plant needs. Call us today for more information on this invaluable service….(800)497-5841

SRS International Corporation is a leader in biodiesel technology specializing in turnkey biodiesel plants (biodiesel refineries).  SRS’ team of biodiesel engineers understand what it takes to run a profitable biodiesel plant (biodiesel refinery). Whether you have an existing biodiesel production plant, or  you are looking to build one, our team of experts is here to assist you every step of the way!

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