Innovation in Technology

At SRS we strive to provide our valued customers with the best biodiesel technology in an effort to continuously produce consistently high quality fuel at a competitive price. Since 1985 we have provided our customers with efficient and appropriately scaled technology to convert a multitude of virgin and waste fats, oils and greases into 100% high quality ASTM specification biodiesel.  Our combination of real world production experience and top of the line process technology have made us a premier provider of biodiesel process systems and equipment to companies seeking to weather the ups and downs of volatile feedstock and fuel markets, while delivering the quality and consistency their customers demand. Get acquainted with the complete set of technology features and benefits that SRS offers to ensure the success of your next biodiesel project.

SRS International Mobile Biodiesel Processor

SRS is pleased to introduce the new, fully functioning, Mobile Bio-Refinery. Ready to be located and relocated on-site to expand your current biodiesel production capabilities by up to 4 million gallons a year or to simply give you the ability to produce biodiesel where you haven’t done so before.  SRS’ Mobile Bio-Refinery is ideal for organizations with small scale refining operations that have a limited source of feedtsocks and for those seeking a way to increase their production capabilities.

Whether you intend to temporarily enhance your production or you are seeking a long term solution that allows you to augment your production capabilities without the added costs associated with construction and permitting, our professionally installed Mobile Bio-Refinery is capable of handling multiple feedstocks, simple to use, and durable.

George Hawranik, Founder of SRS International stated, “SRS is constantly contacted by client’s who currently have biodiesel plants producing in the range of 5- 10 million gallons a year but have the desire to increase their current production rate. The problem is that biodiesel refineries aren’t built overnight. In many cases it actually takes 10 – 14 months to upgrade an existing biodiesel plant depending on what options are chosen. SRS provides a “live” now solution to boost any biodiesel refineries production rates. Our Mobile Bio-Refinery can upgrade your plant by 4 MMGY in as little as one week and is completely independent of utilities. It is capable of running totally self-sufficient or be integrated into your existing system.”


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